Established in 2013 Pups N Cuts was created by a groomer looking to provide a business to the community that ensures the best for their fur-baby(s).

Pups N Cuts focuses on the care, quality and top of the line service that is expected when it comes to grooming and kenneling your family members.

Every employee at Pus N Cuts is a dog/cat owner themselves, along with vet tech experience, certified training and over 15 plus years at grooming. 

We have groomed over 30,000 dogs/cats and have kenneled over 1000 during the summer and Holiday seasons. 


Owner/Retired Groomer - Stacy Robinson

Groomer/Manager - Bobbi 

Groomer - Brittany 

Groomer - Liz

Groomer - Morgan

Groomer - Bre

Groomer - Brittany G

Bather - Holly, Sierra, Lacey  

Shop Cat - Peaches

Kennel Tech - Morgan & April ( on location)


Hours Of Operation : Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday 9am to 4pm, *Thursday* 9am to 9pm (after 4pm by appointment only), Saturday 9am to 6pm & Sunday 9am to 6pm